About Us

How does it started?

Cell biology and cell therapy is our passion

At Biomac, we are passionate about the intrinsic biology of living cells, particularly immune cells. We have worked with immune cells extensively and discovered new cells and named them as 'Nurse Macrophages' We have studied the immune cell interaction with other cells and viruses. We felt that we could do something about the patients suffering from certain incurable diseases using our expertise and knowledge on immune cells. We are committed to bring cell based new technologies to cure certain diseases like cancers after recurrence, or life threatening genetic disorders where there is no cure currently. We strongly believe that we could do something for these patients. This is the sole purpose of Biomac existence.

Immune cells keep us safe and protect us from not only the foreign invaders in the form of antigens, microbes but also from our own abnormal precancerous cells. In cancer, the immune cells are suppressed by the cancer cells as they are also our own body cells proliferating uncontrollably. Our immune cells could sense the abnormality in them and try to kill them to eliminate from our body. When this happens, the cancer cells develop escape mechanisms to escape from the immune cell mediated attack. It is an everyday struggle between the immune cells and the precancerous cells that have acquired abnormal mutations. When the immune cells succeed in this battle, we are cancer free. When the immune cells lose in this struggle, the precancerous cells grow into a Cancer.

We can remove the immune cells from the suppressed environment induced by the cancer cells inside the cancer patient and educate them to fight the cancer cells in the laboratory. When we inject the educated immune cells, they are more capable of fighting and killing the cancer cells. This approach is very personalized and autologous approach where a particular patients cells are educated in the laboratory and given back to the same patient.

Some stats
14 million
new cases in 2012.
cancer deaths by Tobacco
8.8 million
deaths in 2015
cancer deaths by Smoking
Our principles

„Cure Beyond Hope ”


„Alleviate the Pain”


„Improve the Quality of Life”


„Quality in Scientific Research”


„Evidence based Therapy”